Our organization currently works in 13 different countries with 350 staff and has three main FXB headquarters located in Switzerland, France and the United States.

Meet below our staff and our boards.

Albina du Boisrouvray
FXB Founder
Avatar of Albina du Boisrouvray
Aline Albasini
Philanthropy and Partnership Manager (Switzerland)
Avatar of Aline Albasini
Bruce Li
Country Director FXB China
Avatar of Bruce Li
Cécile Marcoz-Fellay
Project manager (Switzerland)
Avatar of Cécile Marcoz-Fellay
Cho Cho Mar Kyaw
Country Director FXB Myanmar
Avatar of Cho Cho Mar Kyaw
Christine Eggs
General Director of FXB International
Avatar of Christine Eggs
Damascène Ndayisaba
Program Director Africa
Avatar of Damascène Ndayisaba
Emmanuel Kayitana
Executive Director FXB Rwanda
Avatar of Emmanuel Kayitana
Erdenetuya Jambal
Program Manager FXB Mongolia
Avatar of Erdenetuya Jambal
Gisèle Ndereyimana
Head of Unit FXB Burundi
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Gonçalo Ribeiro
Director of Finance and Administration
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Karina Weinstein
Program Director FXB USA
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Laure Delouvrier
Director of FXB France
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Mamta Borgoyary
Country Director FXB India
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Sacha Jeanneret
Program Performance and Innovation Manager (Switzerland)
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Stevie Megens
Country Director FXB South Africa
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Our boards

FXB has head offices in Switzerland, France and the United States.

An Advisory Board, made up of two representatives from each office, ensures that the fundamental values that underpin FXB International are respected and that its strategy is implemented.

FXB Switzerland

Bruno Bagnoud, Co-President
Didier Cherpitel, Co-President
Albina du Boisrouvray, Founder and President Emerita 
Véronique Jenelten Biollaz, Secretary
Olivier Dupraz, Treasurer
Antoinette Barbey-Seillière
Luc Hafner

FXB France

Stanislas Pottier, President
Albina du Boisrouvray, Founder and President Emerita 
François Debiesse, Vice-President
Patrick Aeberhard, Vice-President
Alon-Emmanuel Kasha, Treasurer
Dominique Monchicourt, Secretary
Sophia Aram
Charlotte Casiraghi
Sabine Choppin de Janvry
Marie Minnie de Beauvau-Craon
Christine Eggs
Yan Gilbert
Alexandre Kouchner
Bruno Patino
Pierre Schapira


Bilge Bassani, Presidente
Albina du Boisrouvray, Founder and President Emerita 
Richard Evans
Alon-Emmanuel Kasha
Silvana Paternostro
Diana Phillips
Jean-Louis Sarbib
Lena Sinha-Connolly

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