Since 1989, FXB takes action in the field of
Economic Empowerment

Since 1989, FXB takes action in the field of

Since 1989, FXB takes action in the field of

Since 1989, FXB takes action in the field of

Since 1989, FXB takes action in the field of

Who we are

FXB / international organization / Who we are
FXB is an international development organization with over 30 years of experience in breaking the cycle of poverty. Its mission is to provide people living in extreme poverty with the tools and support to become self-sufficient. Since 1989, 18 million adults and children in twenty countries have benefited from FXB’s presence in their communities thanks to economic and community development through the FXBVillage model, Education, Protection and WASH programs, as well as activities related to infrastructure rehabilitation and to extensive HIV/ AIDS and human trafficking prevention campaigns. FXB programs integrate most of the Sustainable Development Goals to achieve the 2030 Agenda.

What we do

Focused on 5 strategic areas of intervention - FXBVillage Economic and Community Development - Education - Nutrition, Health, Water and Hygiene - Protection and Climate Change - FXB develops programs that promote respect for social justice and fundamental human rights. Our activities strengthen the capacity for action and contribute to the development of the communities in which we work.

Our impact in the world

Since 2018
people were impacted by FXB's presence in their community
To break the cycle of poverty
/ person, / year and during three years can turn our participants' life around and help them become self-sufficient
FXBVillages lifted
people out of extreme poverty throughout the world

Our beneficiaries take the floor

I am now capable of raising my six children with dignity and look at the future with confidence and optimism.


Thanks to the training I received, I understood that I was meant to get actively involved in local development, like so many other women.


It’s amazing to see how my life has changed since I joined the VillageFXB poverty alleviation program.


FXB joins the global climate fight

Young people are at the forefront of social change, and in today’s climate crisis, youth activists are providing hope that real change is possible.

Our FXB Climate Advocates will equip youth climate activists with knowledge and tools to mobilize climate action on a local, national and international level.

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