Mission start 1990
Impacted population 13,000,000

Lifting vulnerable families and communities out of poverty and fighting against social injustice


While India ranks in the top 5 of the world’s economies, half of its population lives in poverty, and nearly a third in extreme poverty. More than 500 million Indians have no access to toilets and resort to open defecation. This is a significant public health concern, as excrements left in the open air or in rivers and streams can be the cause of serious infections and deadly diarrhoea.

Child malnutrition is another major challenge in India, which holds one of the world records for malnutrition in children under five years of age. More than 2 million people are living with HIV, the third largest HIV epidemic in the world. Many states also have poor access to adequate health care.

Most young Indians do not receive enough education to be able to look towards the future with hope and optimism and many, especially in rural areas, are forced to drop out of school after primary school for various reasons related to poverty. The situation of girls is even more dismal, as it is estimated that they receive, on average, less than four years of schooling throughout their lives.

Human trafficking, child abuse, forced child labour, and early marriages are among the most serious human rights violations in India. Despite legislative reforms, women are extremely vulnerable to discrimination, sexual harassment, rape, domestic violence and honour killings.

FXB in action

FXB’s areas of intervention in India have expanded over the years from its original focus on working with families affected by HIV/AIDS to a community-based, multi-sectoral programme approach along its four ‘Domains for Change’ namely Access to Quality Education, Poverty and Livelihood, Improved Health Status, and Child Rights and Protection.

Today FXB India Suraksha works in different pockets across 10 States and Union Territories across India.

Since 1990, FXB has been providing essential development assistance to tens of thousands of children, women and destitute communities across India every year.

Mission impact

13 Economic and Community Development FXBVillage programs have been conducted over the past 10 years in the states of Tamil Nadu, Manipur, Andhra Pradesh and the territory of Pondicherry. More than 7,000 adults and children have been lifted out of poverty in a sustainable way.

In addition, from 2000 to 2010, FXB conducted extensive HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns in all 35 states and territories of the Union of India, raising awareness among several million people about the risks of contracting the virus.

FXB is present in 10 states and territories of the Union of India.