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This Charter establishes the ethical values and standards of behavior that must be respected by all FXB employees.

Our enduring value is to have a reputation for integrity, fairness and honesty that can be trusted by all stakeholders.


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Protection Policy against Abuse of Power (PPAP)

The Association François-Xavier Bagnoud – FXB International (FXB) works in rural and peri-urban areas in its countries of intervention. These are marginalized and/or isolated areas where particularly vulnerable people live1 , both economically and socially. A grain of sand in their life path can quickly turn their situation upside down: food security, health, etc. The aim of setting up development programs and projects is to improve their living conditions and make them more resilient.

In this context of fragility, it is significant to be aware of the power relationships that govern the various relationships and to avoid any abuse. The Protection Policy against Abuse of Power (PPAP) is FXB’s reference document in this regard.

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FXB Ethics Charter and donations policy

This code of ethics establishes the ethical values and behavioral standards that must be preserved and developed by all FXB staff. It is our unchanging value to establish a corporate image that can be trusted by all stakeholders with the highly prioritized value criteria of integrity, fairness and honesty.

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Our Reports

Financial Statements
FXB International - Audit report 2022
PDF - 423.118 ko
Statutory Auditor's Report 2022 - FXB France
PDF - 3172.869 ko
FXB International - Audit report 2021
PDF - 409.45 ko
Statutory Auditor's Report 2021 - FXB France
PDF - 5161.467 ko
FXB International - Audit report 2020
PDF - 545.349 ko
Statutory Auditor's Report 2020 - FXB France
PDF - 5791.551 ko
FXB International - Audit report 2019
PDF - 276.347 ko
Statutory Auditor's Report 2019 - FXB France
PDF - 1643.179 ko
FXB International - Audit report 2018
PDF - 126.63 ko
Statutory Auditor's Report 2018 - FXB France
PDF - 1894.72 ko
Other publications
FXB Brochure
PDF - 21921.79 ko
FXB Toolkit and Planning Guide
PDF - 6953.028 ko
Annual report
Annual report FXB Switzerland 2022
PDF - 11802.787 ko
Annual report FXB Global Network 2022
PDF - 11628.577 ko
Annual report FXB Switzerland 2021
PDF - 1581.357 ko
Annual report FXB worldwide 2021
PDF - 1120.382 ko
Annual report FXB worldwide 2020
Annual report FXB worldwide 2019
PDF - 5305.516 ko
Annual report 2018
PDF - 14640.221 ko
Annual report 2017
PDF - 5533.898 ko
Annual report 2016
PDF - 4963.094 ko
Annual report 2015
PDF - 5776.056 ko


Out of 1 euro / swiss franc / USD donated to the François-Xavier Bagnoud Association, 85 centimes are directly allocated to our programs, to our most urgent needs or according to the donor’s wishes, 10 centimes to fundraising and communication and 5 centimes to administrative costs.

The use of the funds entrusted to us is subject to very strict controls. Our accounts are drawn up and audited in accordance with the accounting standards in force in the countries in which we are established.

An annual audit is carried out for all FXB entities. The accounts are available on request.

Operational transparency

A sophisticated monitoring and evaluation system has been developed by an experienced team consisting of our field staff, specialists and experts from the FXB Center for Health and Human Rights at Harvard University to ensure the best possible results. 

Tangible indicators are defined for each programme and FXB employees are trained in data collection skills and techniques. These are used in the field to facilitate coordination between programs and their implementation. 

More in-depth analyses are regularly undertaken at headquarters in Geneva or by external auditors. These allow for results-based decision-making in the field to develop and optimize operations, procedures and practices. They also enable us to provide accurate reports in terms of quantitative and qualitative impact to our partners.

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