FXB Climate Advocates: Youth activists unite to drive social change

Program start 2019
Impacted population

Young people are at the forefront of social change, and in today’s climate crisis, youth activists are providing hope that real change is possible.


We have ten years to prevent the damaging effects of a 1.5-degree Celsius global temperature increase – effects that will be felt most acutely by this intrepid group of young people. This animates their drive to make the world pay attention, listen to the science, and take urgent action on climate change. 

FXB Climate Advocates will fill a current gap in the growth of youth-led climate activist movements by creating a robust link between youth climate activists across borders and to the field of developing countries, joining these voices together to demand urgent systemic changes on a local, national, and international levels.

Our action

FXB Climate Advocates will equip youth climate activists with knowledge and tools to mobilize climate action on a local, national and international level, position climate change as a public and global health emergency, and promote more climate-friendly individual and collective behaviors.

FXB Climate Advocates has three key strategies:

  • Learn: Expose participants to curated climate change resources, structured training sessions, and webinars with climate activists and practitioners in order to understand climate challenges in their communities as well as globally.
  • Act: Guide participants to engage in climate actions that align with their interests and passions, leveraging the Drawdown Ecochallenge platform to track progress, share reflections, and stay motivated. 
  • Connect: Leverage digital technologies and social media to create avenues for urgent international learning and collaboration, including joint development of advocacy campaigns, among participants. 

Program impact

FXB Climate Advocates are recruited through formal partnerships with schools and out-of-school programs working with diverse middle and high school youth in the United States, as well as community-based organizations in developing countries.

Through the FXB Climate Advocates’ participation in the opportunities developed with FXB to amplify their voices, the advocacy program consistently underscores the importance of providing youth with the tools and avenues to advance their response to our climate emergency.


I believe that together as one voice we can implement societal changes that will improve the current climate conditions and positively impact future generations.

Nicholas, FXB Climate Advocates founding member