Promoting a culture of non-violence in Gaza

Program start 2017
Impacted population 12,000

Towards a regional movement for non-violence.


The division between Fatah and Hamas has led to the suspension of the democratic process. The younger generation, which represents nearly 65% of the population of Gaza, has therefore never had the opportunity to participate in the elections. It is essential to create a culture of non-violence to equip young Palestinians to resolve their differences peacefully.

Our action

Albina du Boisrouvray, Founder and President Emerita of FXB, has initiated a partnership with PalThink for Strategic Studies, an independent think tank and working group created in 2007. 

The objective of this joint project is to carry out activities aimed at promoting, disseminating and strengthening the concept, culture and principles of non-violence within Palestinian society, specifically targeting young people in Gaza who are the key to positive change in society.

More specifically, this includes training local community educators and civil society organizations with the concepts and tools necessary to resolve social and political differences through peaceful means, and disseminating the values of non-violence in Palestinian society through specific publications and media.

Program impact

This program makes it possible to sensitize thousands of children, young people and adults to all the issues related to the culture of non-violence and to give them the means and tools to disseminate this culture within their community. At this point, 30 local NGOs have joined our project.


This training session has been an outlet for gaza residents who feel strangled by the blockade and the difficult living conditions.