Developing FXBVillage, together

FXBVillage programs provide a concrete response to the fight against extreme poverty

Our poverty alleviation program FXBVillage, created in 1991, allows us to provide a comprehensive solution by acting simultaneously on all the underlying factors, through 5 main pillars:

  1. Food security
  2. Access to healthcare
  3. Access to education and information
  4. Healthy housing and environment
  5. Economic empowerment

With this tried-and-tested, comprehensive and integrated approach, participants in FXBVillage programs can protect and take care of their children, make a positive impact on their communities and live a dignified life in their country.


The three main goals of FXBVillages

Addressing the multi-dimensional causes of extreme poverty
Guaranteeing the long-term autonomy of our participants
Promoting sustainable and local cooperation

The key strength of our programs

200 FXBVillage economic and community development programs have been developed, lifting nearly 100,000 people out of extreme poverty.

Four years after the end of the program, approximately 86% of families remain socially and economically independent. Their children attend school regularly, longer and perform better than their peers.

Thanks to FXBVillage Programs
people are lifted out of extreme poverty every day, since 1989!
An FXBVillage connects
people, or approximately 100 families
Our financing needs
million over 5 years

African proverb

It takes a whole village to raise a child

Our godmothers



The main innovation of our approach, initiated in 1991, is the GIFT of seed capital – in lieu of a loan – to enable the economic empowerment of families participating in FXBVillage programs. Our “FXBVillage” concept, which we have replicated in 12 countries, has proven its efficiency: the 100,000 people who have joined one of our 200 programs have become economically and socially self-sufficient, and the vast majority of them have remained so. Today, we need to deploy our action and strengthen it across the world and in France. We are launching a fundraising campaign to raise 10 million euros over the next six years.

charlotte casiraghi FXB


In Kigali, in Rwanda, in Burundi… Destitute families have been able to gain, in a few years, an income two to three times higher than the national poverty lines. Over the past thirty years, FXB has enabled millions of children to eat three meals a day and gain access to education, while helping their families significantly improve their living standards and conditions. This is what convinced me to become a godmother and sponsor of the FXB organization and to bring as much resonance as possible to their actions and ambition. As many reasons to ask you to support and join us!


Sophia ARAM

Climate change, armed conflicts, migration crises: our time is not lacking in reasons to be concerned and anguished. While it’s possible to be outraged, it’s also critical to support and engage with people who work on a daily basis to bring dignity and hope to thousands of families. This is what FXB does, without fanfare, but with innovative approaches and skilled teams that have already proven their efficiency. I admire their work and am very proud to be a part of it at my own, modest level.



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