Get involved

There are many effective ways you can take action!

Through a partnership

Many partners – Foundations, Companies, Families, International organisations – place their trust in us. Through their generosity and support, they have contributed substantially to the success of FXB’s mission over the last quarter of a century.
Today social responsibility is one of the pillars of development and all entities – large or small – can play a part to make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable. Whether this be through volunteering skills, a particular event or financial support, FXB has developed a number of partnership possibilities to suit everyone’s missions and strategies.

Contribute to our FXB wells in Niger or build your own wells

The survival of nomadic populations is particularly threatened by the lack of clean drinking water, ever sparser vegetation and the slump in millet production. FXB builds wells or restores those that have been damaged, with and for the Tuareg population, a minority ethnic group. 18 FXB wells have already been dug. Others are being drilled. These wells considerably improve the living conditions of the populations in remote, arid areas.

Through a legacy or bequest

Leaving a gift to FXB in your will means “All the Difference” to children, enabling them to build a future…

An old man was walking along an immense beach at dawn when he saw a little girl gathering starfish and throwing them back into the water. Approaching her, the man asked the reason for her actions. She answered that the starfish would die if they remained on the sand in the sun. “But the beach is huge and there are countless starfish,” the old man observed. “What difference could that make for them?” The little girl looked at the starfish she was holding in her hand and threw it into the ocean. “For this one, it makes all the difference.”

We would be happy to answer your questions on legacies or bequests.

Become an Ambassador for FXB

  • Help us increase our visibility and reputation among your friends by following us on Facebook and Twitter, and sharing our posts.
  • Create an event for FXB (an evening, concert, sporting event, theatre, anniversary, fundraising campaign)
  • For companies:
    • Matching Gift: the company and its associates join forces to support a project – for example, the employer commits to double all donations made by its employees
    • Profit-sharing: sale of a product in favour of FXB
    • Company event for FXB
    • “A donation instead of a gift” Christmas Campaign
    • Increase FXB’s visibility through your various communication media

It’s not a handout. It’s an investment.

Thanks to generous donations, a total of about 17 million adults and children have benefited from FXB’s presence in their communities through community development (about 200 Community Development Programs, FXBVillage were completed since 1989 or are still ongoing), restoration of infrastructures, education and professional training as well as prevention, awareness raising, or access to water and sanitation programs. Millions of other vulnerable people are still waiting for your support. Thank you for donating to FXB.