Covid-19: Supporting destitute women

Helping women living on the streets and their children

The precariousness of migrant women and women living on the streets is multidimensional. With the COVID-19 crisis, the lack of income or housing, isolation, illness, depression, discrimination or gender-based violence, this insecurity requires an urgent response and comprehensive support!

Nearly 10 weeks after the beginning of lockdown, the situation of migrant or street women remains extremely worrying: the lack of hygiene and nutritional difficulties have taken a toll on their, as well as their childrens’ physical and psychological health.

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violence against women has surged due to lockdown

% increase in violence against women since mid-March
is the emergency number to call in such cases
to contact the fire department

Our action

In order to meet the growing needs of these women and as a preventive health and safety measure, FXB, supported by its sponsor Sophia Aram, has decided to continue and to intensify the distribution of hygiene kits to destitute women in Saint-Denis and on the outskirts of Paris
Our top priority: helping hundreds of additional women and their children in the coming weeks and months.

Hygiene kits (sanitary towels, hydro-alcoholic gel, masks…) and staple baby products (diapers, wipes…): this program not only addresses their most urgent and basic needs, but is also key to maintain a social link with these vulnerable women in times of crisis.

equals 50 diapers
equals a complete hygiene kit for a mother and her child
equals three hygiene kits

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Our goal: one hygiene kit for 1 000 women!

Every euro counts… So don’t hesitate to help and support us!

A hygiene kit: 40€.
Each kit includes: 2 packs of 50 diapers, 2 packs of baby-wipes, 2 packs of sanitary towels, 5 bottles of hydro-alcoholic gel and 4 masks.

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The FXB International association is recognized as a non-profit organization: your donation is eligible for tax reductions.

Our godmothers


Sophia ARAM

The global pandemic spares no one, especially the most vulnerable. Homeless women and their children face extreme precariousness and a daily life that has become more chaotic than ever. They lack everything and first of all the basic means to protect themselves from the virus. They need us and we must help them, it is a matter of dignity and public health.

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