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Cécile: "Thanks to this program, I learned how to eat in a healthy way"

Cécile, 28 years old

Cecile was abandoned by her husband. “I found myself alone and living in a small room. My children slept under the table. »

Cécile took party in the FXB program from 2013 to 2016. Since then, she has been living in her own concrete house with her children and her sister. Her children are now in school. She is 28 years old, has two children and doesn’t want any more.

“I received from FXB 100,000 Rwandan francs in two installments. The first installment I spent on raising laying hens (eggs and fertilizer). Thanks to the microcredit, I was able to build a house with doors, mosquito nets to avoid catching malaria, and equipment to purify water.

The second installment allowed me to buy plots of land, on which I raise pigs. Livestock farming and agriculture complement each other.

Thanks to this programme, I also learned how to eat well and in a healthy way. In Rwanda, people think that the one who eats well is the one who eats a whole cow. But I understand now that vegetables are also good for your health. ».