Fighting against Covid-19 together

Our teams are working hand-in-hand with local communities

We remain committed in all the countries in Africa and Asia where we operate. No one is spared by COVID-19, and our concern is growing by the day as the pandemic continues to spread in these fragile countries. The task is not an easy one: while supporting vulnerable communities, we also need to protect our teams and volunteers on the ground.

Everywhere, our teams are mobilized and are working with exceptional dedication. They raise awareness of the risks of the virus and the steps to take to protect themselves, while distributing food and hygiene kits as far as the means available allow. We also offer psychological support to deal with the anxieties and tensions exacerbated by lockdown and the resulting violence against children and women.

We would be immensely happy and grateful to count on you to continue distributing soap, food and other basic necessities. Your support can help us save lives today.

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The strength of our action

Our teams convey the hygiene instructions
Vulnerable communities are protected
Emergency care is provided

How we fight against Covid-19 around the world

In India, millions of people were trapped in slums when nation-wide lockdown was introduced. They are the poorest of the poor and simply cannot apply social distancing guidelines. Families are crammed into the only room of their makeshift shelters. Water is scarce, toilets are non-existent, they grow hungrier by the day.
FXB India has already provided sanitation kits and food rations to more than 1 500 families of migrant workers or rickshaw drivers.  

In Myanmar, FXB teams from the Yangon region and Kayin, Mon and Rakhine States are visiting communities to spread awareness messages about COVID-19 and barrier gestures.
They are also helping to set up quarantine centres to stop the spread of the virus.
A #stayathome challenge and prevention music video for young people were also widely shared on social media.

In South Africa, FXB’s education programs in slums have evidently been closed until further notice.
In the days leading up to the lockdown, all the children were given up-to-date information about COVID-19 and how to protect themselves from it. They also received food parcels and soap. We remain in daily contact with the children through Skype or WhatsApp.

With a donation of
€/CHF/$, we can distribute soap to 12 families
With a donation of
€/CHF/$, we can provide food supplies for an entire family for a whole month
With a donation of

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The FXB International association is recognized as a non-profit organization: your donation is eligible for tax reductions

Our godmothers



The main innovation of our approach, initiated in 1991, is the GIFT of seed capital – in lieu of a loan – to enable the economic empowerment of families participating in FXBVillage programs. Our “FXBVillage” concept, which we have replicated in 12 countries, has proven its efficiency: the 100,000 people who have joined one of our 200 programs have become economically and socially self-sufficient, and the vast majority of them have remained so. Today, we need to deploy our action and strengthen it across the world and in France. We are launching a fundraising campaign to raise 10 million euros over the next six years.

charlotte casiraghi FXB


In Kigali, in Rwanda, in Burundi… Destitute families have been able to gain, in a few years, an income two to three times higher than the national poverty lines. Over the past thirty years, FXB has enabled millions of children to eat three meals a day and gain access to education, while helping their families significantly improve their living standards and conditions. This is what convinced me to become a godmother and sponsor of the FXB organization and to bring as much resonance as possible to their actions and ambition. As many reasons to ask you to support and join us!


Sophia ARAM

Climate change, armed conflicts, migration crises: our time is not lacking in reasons to be concerned and anguished. While it’s possible to be outraged, it’s also critical to support and engage with people who work on a daily basis to bring dignity and hope to thousands of families. This is what FXB does, without fanfare, but with innovative approaches and skilled teams that have already proven their efficiency. I admire their work and am very proud to be a part of it at my own, modest level.

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