FXBVillage Methodology

At the time of the creation of the Association François-Xavier Bagnoud – FXB International, while the entire International Community turned to micro-credit, advocated as THE solution to fight against poverty on a large scale, Albina Boisrouvray, Founder and President Emerita , was convinced that this solution was in fact not suitable for people living in extreme poverty. Indeed, the latter would never have the opportunity to simultaneously develop an income-generating activity and repay loans. In this logic, with her teams, she developed, in 1991, an pioneering solution of holistic approach (graduated approach).

FXB’s Community Development Program  FXBVillage  simultaneously addresses five predominant drivers of poverty: lack of nutrition, health, education, housing and income.  This integrated approach provides a single response to the multidimensional causes of poverty.

Each Program lasts 3 years and serves 80 to 100 families (around 500-600 people). Through the delivery of essential services, FXB ensures that families are thriving and children reach their full potential.

FXBVillage program beneficiaries receive a comprehensive package of services.
The key driver to break the cycle of poverty over the long run is economic empowerment. FXB provides a small start-up capital and promotes financial inclusion so that program participants can secure a portfolio of Income Generating Activities (IGAs). The new IGAs allow families to gradually earn enough income to provide for their daily needs and become socially and economically self-sufficient.

As participants’ abilities to meet their basic needs increase, FXB gradually lessens financial support to encourage self-sufficiency. FXB families continue to thrive after the program completes.

FXBVillage participants : hear their stories.

FXB is a carefully calibrated, cost-effective investment in families

Helping Families. Saving Children

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 Our community development program, FXBVillage, has been recognized by UNICEF and UNAIDS as «Best Practice».