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"It is truly a new life for my family"

Jean-Marie's testimony


Marie Josée and Jean-Marie’s family is one of 200 families who participated in the FXBVillage Mbare – Mbuga program from 2018 to 2021. They have 6 children.

“Before joining the VillageFXB program, we lived in great poverty. I used to cultivate for others to earn a few pennies; my income was between 600 and 700 FRW per day and I used it to go to the cabaret and drink local beer until midnight regardless of my responsibilities as the head of the family. I ended up at the police station several times after beating my family because I was drunk.

Marie-Josée was the one who was responsible for the family, I didn’t give her a penny to support them. When she couldn’t find a day job, the children had nothing to eat. The only room in the house was used as a kitchen and we slept on the floor. I had no latrine, no shower, and not enough clothes for all 6 children. Having soap to wash was hard to find for us. The children had dropped out of school because we could not afford to pay school fees and materials.

After being selected to enter the program, my family’s life and mine in particular changed completely. The FXB staff worked hard with me to make me aware of my shortcomings and responsibilities. I changed my behavior to be better.

Thanks to the trainings and seed money, we started a livestock project and other income-generating activities related to trade. With the help of FXB and our profits, we were able to build an annex to our house, an outdoor kitchen, a dish rack, a latrine, a shower and hand washing station, and raised beds. We have also purchased mattresses and chairs and are able to save 13,000 FRW each month.

The children have returned to school, they have materials and we are now able to pay school fees and incidentals regularly. We have improved our nutrition because the staff taught us how to cultivate a vegetable garden, we know the components of a complete meal and we eat three times a day.

Our family has recovered and it is truly a new life for all of us.