Addressing the most urgent hygiene needs: supporting women and mothers living in street situations

Program start 2018
Impacted population 300

Addressing the most urgent hygiene needs: supporting women and mothers living in street situations


French and migrant women, often with children, represent more than 17% of the people living in street situations in Paris and the Ile de France. 

The poverty of these women is multidimensional.

This already extreme precariousness – lack of resources, isolation, homelessness or immeasurable difficulties in finding accommodation, illness, depression, discrimination or gender-based violence – has been further exacerbated by the COVID-19 crisis.

Our action

The lack of hygiene faced by these women and children has a direct influence on the deterioration of both physical and mental health. Since 2018 and in order to address the most urgent needs in terms of hygiene, FXB France, in partnership with ADSF (Agir pour la Santé des Femmes), has been distributing essential baby hygiene products (diapers and wipes), as well as sanitary napkins for mothers.

Marauding in emergency accommodation hotels

These distributions to the most destitute women are carried out through marauding in emergency accommodation hotels in the Ile de France region. They are carried out on Wednesday mornings, the idea being to offer the beneficiaries a fixed time slot in order to create a social link with them and between them.

In addition to providing essential products, these distributions help to maintain or regain a certain self-esteem and more dignity, especially during women’s menstruation.

Women in street situations, who are already very fragile, will be the first victims of the damage that COVID-19 will leave in its wake. We are therefore working on the project to adapt our proven FXBVillage poverty reduction model to the context of these women and their children in order to strengthen their overall capacities and achieve sustainable economic empowerment. We are looking for partners to support us in this project.

Program impact

Since the beginning of its programs, FXB France has impacted the lives of more than 300 women in precarious situations living in the Île-de-France region.



Having access to something, ultimately as basic as sanitary napkins, is a great relief and makes me feel more dignified.