A twentieth FXB well for the Tuareg population in Niger

Posted on 14 December 2021

Niger is one of the poorest countries in the world, with two-thirds of its surface area covered by desert. It was ranked last on the UNDP Human Development Index in 2020. The country experiences acute and recurrent food crises, a situation further aggravated by droughts resulting from climate change.

FXB Niger

The lack of water and the scarcity of vegetation are also leading to increasing displacement of nomadic populations; shepherds can no longer rely on the lakes, which have often dried up, to water their herds.

Thus, since 2001, on the initiative of Agathe Bagnoud, François-Xavier Bagnoud’s godmother, FXB has been building or restoring damaged wells with and for the Tuareg population, a minority ethnic group.

In 2021, a twentieth well was inaugurated. They allow a significant improvement in the living conditions of nearly 18,000 people living in remote and arid areas of the north of the country.

December 2021