Mission start 2001
Impacted population 18,000

Building or rehabilitating damaged wells


Niger is one of the poorest countries in the world, ranking last on the United Nations Development Program’s Human Development Index. A landlocked country in the sub-Saharan zone, its economy depends on crops, livestock and uranium. In recent years, cycles of drought and desertification have caused major food crises.

Lack of water and the scarcity of vegetation also lead to the increasing displacement of nomadic populations; sheperds can no longer rely on lakes, which often dry up, to water their herds. Water scarcity thus increases people’s dependence on wells.

FXB in action

Some wells can no longer be used because their wooden structure is deteriorated or rotten, or they are too shallow. FXB rebuilds the cement entry points in order to increase protection and water circulation inside the well. These wells considerably improve the living conditions of the populations in the remote and arid areas of the north of the country.

Our ongoing programs

Since 2001, at the initiative of Agathe Bagnoud, godmother of François-Xavier, FXB has been building or rehabilitating damaged wells with and for the Tuareg population, an ethnic minority group.

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It was very dear to my heart to make my personal contribution to everything that was undertaken through the association to perpetuate the memory of my beloved nephew and godson, François-Xavier. Each well dug or rehabilitated with and for the Tuareg population fills me with pride and happiness, that of bringing water, the source of life, to these vulnerable populations.

Agathe Bagnoud

Mission impact

20 wells have already been built or rehabilitated.