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Meet Ji Ke, woman entrepreneur in rural China

Ji Ke

Thanks to the support of the FXB teams, Ji Ke was able to start an income generating activity (IGR). Here’s the story of how she became a successful woman entrepreneur in rural China.

Medical aid and professional training

When FXB first came in Ji Ke’s village in the Bu Tuo district, in rural China, she had just lost her husband. She had also inherited an enormous debt and had badly hurt her leg while she was working manually in the fields. She was the only one to provide for the needs of her mother and her two children. All this despite the invalidating injury for which she hadn’t received any medical care.

After joining the FXBVillage, our staff immediately took care of her medical needs. A surgery helped to save her leg. During her rehabilitation, Ji Ke took part in training sessions organized by FXB. Healthcare, hygiene and medical insurance and assistance were among the topics addressed. She also received some sessions in literacy and a training on the productive animal breeding. She was able to put this new skill set in practice with the sow she received from FXB.

This holistic and integrated approach helped Ji Ke turn her life around. At the end of the program, Ji Ke had completely recovered from her surgery. What is more, she had successfully completed several breeding cycles of piglets.

A woman entrepreneur in rural China

Ji Ke had generated a sufficient amount of income to pay back the debts of her family and send her children to school. Now woman entrepreneur at the heart of rural China, she continues to increase her family’s revenues and now owns a small breeding farm (cows, pigs, ducks and chicken). Last year, she even bought a grinding machine and an electric tricycle.

She’s now confident in her future, as well as her children’s.

Investing in the economic empowerment of women is the undeniable path to poverty eradication, gender equality and an inclusive economic growth.

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