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"I used to think that I was cursed when FXB picked me up"

Gloriose Mukankubana

Gloriose Mukankubana is a 47-year-old single mother to four children and she is HIV positive.

“I used to think that I was cursed and not worthy of anyone’s love when FXB picked me up. My life was in the dark characterized by unending problems. I had just discovered that I was HIV positive, my daughter was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 17, my 3 other children had dropped out of school because of the lack of school uniforms and scholastic materials.”

Although, she knew of her HIV status, Mukankubana did not take treatment due to the lack of adequate nutrition. Immediately after joining a FXBVillage in Rwanda, Mukankubana was enrolled to have emergency health interventions and her children were sent back to school with adequate uniforms and scholastic materials.

Even with the progress made, it was hard for her to overcome her fear of being in a group, especially as she always saw herself as an outcast. But, with the encouragement of the FXB which gave her a group full of love, this fear began to dissipate.

With the encouragement of FXB, Mukankubana began to see her life change, and began to build a house with iron sheet and nails provided by FXB.

Today, she is able to save every week and the extra she has goes towards her child in secondary school, ensuring that after FXB she will be able to continue her studies.