FXB teams take action against Covid-19 in Mongolia

Posted on 24 March 2020

In order to curb the spread of the Covid-19, raise awareness among our beneficiaries of the best barrier gestures to protect themselves while keeping our teams in the field safe, FXB is adapting its processes and programs in all the countries where it operates.

The teams of FXB Mongolia are adapting their processes and activities to face to Covid-19 pandemic. We’re therefore doing our utmost to inform vulnerable populations about the best practices in terms of health ans hygiene and tell them about the barrier gesture to protect themselves from the virus.

FXB is present in Mongolia since 2006

In Mongolia, in the Gobi Desert, FXB runs an economic and community development FXBVillage program. The objective is twofold, to lift sedentary and nomadic families out of poverty in order to curb the exodus to the capital Ulaanbaatar, where migrants find themselves living in even greater misery.

The main challenges they face are very low employment opportunities, unsustainable sources of income, limited access to services and vocational training opportunities, limited access to the capital necessary for the development of microenterprises and very low knowledge in terms of comprehensive financial information.

Our main objective is to help families in this desertic region create or seize opportunities where they live rather than migrate to the city of Oulan-Bator.

Our teams take action against the epidemic of Covid-19

Containment has been in force since the beginning of the crisis in China, a country bordering Mongolia. As the sedentary beneficiaries all had mobile phones, the FXB team can keep them informed on a very regular basis about the COVID-19 crisis as well as deliver the essential prevention messages to protect themselves.

Training in business management, finance, health or hygiene is provided online and the team monitors the development of economic activities through photos. Unfortunately, FXB’s nomadic beneficiaries do not have a sufficient network to reach these activities.

Due to the extraordinary situation, our teams at FXB Mongolia will keep monitoring the latest developments of the Covid-19 crisis in Mongolia in order to be able to help our beneficiaries and the most vulnerable communities.