Tribute to Miso Makonde Mitchel Peter

Posted on 22 November 2022

25 July 1987 – 07 November 2022

Miso, our Program and Fundraising Manager in South Africa, passed away on November 7. Miso had been part of the FXB family for over 15 years. He knew and loved each and every child who participated in FXB afterschool projets. His dream was to give them the opportunity to thrive and have a better future.

He dedicated his life to them… Thank you Miso!

Stevie Megens, FXB South Africa country director pays tribute to him.

Having just finished school, Miso came bouncing through the doors of FXB as a volunteer in 2004. With his endearing manner and captivating smile, it didn’t take him long to win the hearts of everyone at FXB. Miso, always eager, and with his obvious love and compassion for children, spent his time volunteering in all the FXB after school programs, engaging the youngsters in various activities, his inner child enjoying every minute.

In 2006, Miso was employed by FXB and started his own after school life skills program at Ditau Primary School in Orlando East, Soweto which he ran until the end of 2012. During this time he trained in HIV/Aids and counseling as well as earned himself the title of Fundraising Manager enjoying the challenges of raising funds for the programs. After hours he also attended and obtained a diploma at Boston College in Business Administration.

Always up for new challenges, in 2013 Miso started the FXB Vocational Training Program in both Soweto and Alexandra Townships which further benefitted the youth who were previously part of the FXB after school programs.

Miso having worked hand in hand with management throughout the years was then promoted to Program and Fundraising Manager. This gave him the opportunity of visiting all the after school programs and the children once more. He would often just walk into the classroom and ‘take over’ the lesson and one was never sure who enjoyed the lesson more – Miso or the children ! You could be sure by the laughter and chattering going on that Miso was conducting the session !

Miso’s irresistible charm captured the hearts of everyone he met – both men and women alike. Watching his magic as he conducted life skills sessions with groups of our mum’s, joked with and teased the teachers in all the schools and even charmed school principals with his engaging smile, was extraordinary.

On a more personal level, Miso was a great believer. He was never shy to express his love for his faith, his family and his hopes for a better world. Miso was a wonderful listener, a healer, a colleague, a friend, a brother to many, and, most importantly to him – a very proud father !

We will all miss “Miso’s Stories”….. no matter what training he was involved in, whether with the children or adults, in the office or socially, Miso always had a story to tell.

At his funeral, excerpts from the program read:

“ His work mirrored his passion and who he was. He was passionate about helping people and loved young children. Despite many attempts to get him to change sectors for what others would have deemed as greener pastures, he remained steadfast in his career at FXB. We would later realize that the impact he had on thousands of school children, some of whom became our friends as a family, was simply invaluable. His dedication to such a noble cause in his young age will keep his memory alive forever not only to us but to those who he impacted positively. He was a prized asset to his family and to the greater communities of Diepkloof, Pimville, Orlando, Nigel and Witbank. “

Stevie Megens, Country Director FXB South Africa