"Life is only worth living in relation to what you can bring to others". Bruno Bagnoud

Posted on 10 November 2022

Bruno Bagnoud has left us a month ago. We miss him. What a joy it would be to see his number displayed on our cell phones and to hear his unchanging and joyful “Pronto, Pronto”.

Bruno, François-Xavier’s father, founding member and co-president of FXB International, left us during the night of October 10th. He had a profound impact on the mountain and mountaineering world in Valais.

By devoting all his energy to the development of one of the best rescue systems in the world, he made Air-Glaciers and the FXB Rescue House a flagship in mountain rescue.

Throughout his life, he thought of others first, despite the tragedies that so often plunged him into mourning, the loss of one of his sons and those of many of his fellow adventurers.

The news of his death was a shock for all the people who loved and worked with him, including our founder Albina du Boisrouvray and our teams here and around the world.

Bruno was a man of extraordinary humanity. His perseverance, his altruism, his incredible capacity for work and resilience were a model for us.

He will remain forever in our memories and in our hearts.