First successful class of apprentices in South Africa

Posted on 9 March 2015

In 2013, FXB took a new direction in South Africa by launching a Vocational Training Program (VTP) to complement its extracurricular support and personal development programs in the Johannesburg area (Alexandra and Soweto Townships).

90 beneficiaries over 3 years (Nov. 2013-2016)
70% are girls and 60% are orphans.
90% of the students have chosen an office automation training.
900,000 qualified positions are unfilled in South Africa.

Since 2013, 90 young people have thus had the opportunity to follow theoretical and practical training in the following areas: computer science, administrative techniques, data entry, call centre, masonry, tiling and paving, carpentry and framing, tapestry and aesthetics. Apprentices are also trained in project management. At the end of their training, they are helped in their efforts to find a job in a company or to start their own micro-enterprise.

The objective of the VET Programme is to provide young people in highly vulnerable situations with the optimal knowledge and skills to find employment or start their own small businesses. In this regard, FXB South Africa works in partnership with recognized local institutions to provide students with the best possible training.

The FP Programme selects 30 young people annually from the Townships of Alexandra and Soweto. The majority of the students have shown great interest in the courses and have achieved excellent results; all have graduated, and many have graduated with honours. Half of them have directly found employment with a company, a few have started their own small businesses, others are complementing their training with internships or are still looking for a job with the help of the FXB South Africa team.

Throughout their training, the young people have been able to clarify and consolidate their professional choices thanks to professional orientation and psychosocial support sessions. It should be noted that family involvement also played an essential role in the project.

The success of the VET Programme is above all due to the motivation of the participants. Moreover, by building the capacity of young people and equipping them with essential professional skills, FXB substantially increases their chances of finding a qualified job in a country where many are not available. As a result, these young people are less likely to belong to the South African generation of NINJA (no income, no job, and no assets).