Mission start 2002
Mission End 2009
Impacted population 10,000

Improving access to drinkable water


For the past 30 years, the State of Togo had provided access to drinking water to the Siou people. Each neighborhood benefited from at least one water pump, supplying the community with free drinking water.

Infrastructure maintenance and water consumption were thus the responsibility of the State of Togo until 1996, which is when the state withdrew, compelling the local population to shoulder the costs of the water pumps. Given a significant portion of this population lives in extreme poverty, locals had no alternative but to fetch water from ponds that are usually unsuitable for human consumption. Although some water pumps have been taken over by private companies, resulting in high exploitation costs, most unused pumps are decaying.

FXB in action

Initiated by Georges Casati, François-Xavier’s father-in-law, FXB has built 7 new water pumps and rehabilitated 13 existing pumps in Siou, in the north of Togo, in order to make drinking water accessible to the population.

The organization has also strengthened local medical and school structures through the provision of adequate equipment.

Through this program, Georges Casati wanted to perpetuate the values of generosity and compassion that guided the life of his son-in-law, who carried out 300 rescue missions in the Swiss Alps and in Africa.

Mission impact

FXB has rehabilitated 20 water pumps, allowing the inhabitants of Siou to have access to drinking water and also induced significant reduction in water-borne diseases.

Water pump committees have been set up in each district, with the role of ensuring that funding is collected to cover the costs of water consumption and that the infrastructure is properly maintained.


Mr. Casati and Mrs. du Boisrouvray are the great benefactors of the canton of Siou, which owes them a great deal.

Bikpéta Anakoma