Use of funds that are entrusted to us is very strictly controlled. Our accounts are prepared and verified in accordance with the applicable accounting standards in the countries in which we are established. An annual audit is carried out for all FXB entities. Our accounts are available on request by contacting FXB.


How are your donations used?

For every one Euro, CHF or USD given to FXB, 82 cents go directly to our programs, either where they are most urgently needed or according to the donor’s wishes. 18 cents are used for administration, evaluation and monitoring, fundraising and communication.

FXB is certified ZEWO since 2017.

To find out more about FXB International’s activities and accounts, please download our Annual Report.

Monitoring and Evaluations

FXB implements a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation system for the FXBVillage programs, which has been developed and refined by an experienced team of field staff, specialists, and evaluation experts from Harvard University.

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard concluded that the FXBVillage programs induced marked improvements related to economic security, health, nutrition, access to safe water and sanitation, psychosocial well-being, participation and educational resources.

Three follow-up external evaluations were conducted on families who had participated in the FXBVillage program in Burundi. The evaluations concluded that 98 percent of the participating children regularly attended school, over 93 percent of the households ate two or more times per day, and 89 percent of the children under 5 years old had normal mid-upper arm circumference measurements. Also, the families were able to save about $132 USD per year.

An external evaluation in Uganda conducted by the Oxford Poverty & Human development Initiative highlighted in 2014 that former beneficiaries are multidimensionally less poor than their peers, even three years after they graduated from the program. They in fact have better access to housing and land ownership, savings, vaccines, food diversity and water.

Our FXB’s Community Development Program, FXBVillage, has been recognized by UNICEF and UNAIDS as «Best Practice».