FXB is proud of the success of the Women Entrepreneurs of its programs: Ji Ke, rural China

Discover the success story of Ji Ke, a Woman Entrepreneur living in Bu Tuo county, Sichuan, rural China.

FXB works in China since 2006 towards lifting vulnerable families out of poverty and reducing gender discrimination.

When FXB arrived in Ji Ke’s village in Bu Tuo county, rural China, she had lost her husband, inherited a huge debt and had seriously injured her leg while performing manual work in the field. She was the sole provider for her mother and two children, despite her crippling injury for which she had not received any medical treatment.

After being enrolled in the FXBVillage program, our staff responded immediately to her medical needs, organizing a surgery that saved her leg.

As she was rehabilitating, Ji Ke attended training sessions held by FXB on topics such as healthcare, hygiene and medical insurance and assistance. She also gained literacy skills and training on how to productively rear animals, which she put to test on the mother pig that she was given by FXB.

These holistic interventions helped Ji Ke turn her life around and by the end of the program, Ji Ke had fully recovered from her surgery and had successfully completed several rounds of piglet rearing.

She had generated enough income to pay off her families debts and to send her children to school. Ji Ke continues to grow the income for her family and now owns a small livestock farm (cows, pigs, ducks and chickens). In the past year, she even purchased a grinding machine and an electric tricycle.

She trusts in a better future, for her and her children.

Investing in the economic empowerment of women is the undeniable path to poverty eradication, gender equality and inclusive economic growth.