FXB is proud of the success of the Women Entrepreneurs of its programs: Abiba, Rwanda

“I am capable today of raising my six children with dignity and look ahead with confidence”

Discover the success story of Abiba, a Woman Entrepreneur living in Rwanda

Through the provision of business training and an initial small capital investment as part of the FXBVillage program, Abiba was able to start a small milk sales business, allowing her to slowly build savings for her family.

She used these initial savings to buy roof sheets for their house and prevent flooding in the rainy season.

As her business generated more income and more savings, Abiba was able to expand to importing shoes, clothes and embroidered sheets from Uganda and Tanzania which generated even more profits. Her children are now able to attend school every day on a full stomach.

Abiba has plans to use the savings generated from her business to continue improving the family’s home, buying furniture, building toilet and shower facilities and connecting piped water into their home.

She, of course, also aims to successfully continue to develop and consolidate her economic activities.

Investing in the economic empowerment of women is the undeniable path to poverty eradication, gender equality and inclusive economic growth.