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Odval became a baker


Odval, her husband and their 4 children live in a situation of utter destitution in the Gobi desert. The father’s seasonal salary does not allow him to support the family and the mother cannot find a job.

They saw no other way out than exile, until the day they were selected to join a VillageFXB program. After initial training in food hygiene and project management, FXB provided a small start-up capital that enabled the mother to acquire the raw materials and equipment needed to start a bakery in her yurt. Every morning at dawn, Odval prepares packages of pasta and cookies. They are fresh, delicious and attract many customers.

The substantial improvement in her family’s quality of life and the success of her business have given her a lot of self-confidence. Her ambition is to move to a “permanent” location, hire employees and diversify her product offering. To do so, she is saving part of her weekly profits to build up the capital needed to bring her project to life.