Avatar of Kagoma hired eight women in her workshop

Kagoma hired eight women in her workshop


Kagoma Léochadie is one of the beneficiaries of VillageFXB Bwiza. The family has adopted three orphans.

Before the arrival of FXB, she lived only from farming. But she had some knowledge of embroidery. Thanks to FXB’s financial support in 2006, she practiced her craft.

This activity brings her a lot of money: with $15 she spends on buying and decorating each sheet, she earns $25 from the sale. Thanks to the advice of the FXB team, she has hired eight women to make a lot of sheets that she sells in Australia by mail, in response to phone orders.

In addition to this activity, she farms beans, corn, peanuts and cotton and raises ducks and chickens.

Today, Léochadie leads a peaceful and calm life. Thanks to the income from all her activities, she has built rented houses, brought water and electricity to her plot, for herself and for the tenants. She gratefully acknowledges the benefits of FXB, which spares no effort to support the most needy. May God bless the hand that gives.