Avatar of FXB helped Françoise send her four children to school

FXB helped Françoise send her four children to school


Françoise is a widow and lives in Kamenge with 4 children.

During her teenage years, Françoise was raped and became pregnant as a result, which forced her to quit her job and return to her parents. Her father, unwilling to accept the situation, started threatening and hitting her. Françoise left for Bujumbura, leaving her child in her mother’s care.

Later, she met her husband with whom she had three children. Unfortunately, her husband died of tuberculosis in 2005 and the situation became difficult: she could no longer feed her children, nor send them to school. They depended on the charity and kindness of those around them.

When Françoise took part in the VillageFXB program, positive changes quickly came about. She was able to feed her children properly, and they regained the energy they needed to get an education and go to school. The whole family joined the mutual health insurance, which helped to treat the children’s respiratory infections. And everyone was tested for HIV, none of them is HIV-positive.

Françoise now devotes herself to selling cornflour at the market, which allows her to save money, and with the advice of FXB, she hopes to succeed in increasing her capital in order to take more and more responsibility for herself.

From now on, Françoise is confident about the future.