Avatar of Ciza opened her food business

Ciza opened her food business


Ciza Masoudi is one of the beneficiaries of the Bwiza VillageFXB in Rwanda.

She is separated from her husbands and cares for her eight children. All of her children have different fathers.

Surviving on begging and prostitution, she was not able to feed this large family. Because of her age, men no longer notice her. She was called HIV-positive and undisciplined; the neighbourhood was tired of her complaints and no one listened to her.

The children were no longer going to school because they could not afford it. Ciza was in absolute despair. She called for death, but death didn’t want her.

Ciza is supported by FXB since January 2007. She received nutritional support and money to resume her former activity: her morale rose, peace was established in the family and the children went back to school.

Aware of the misery from which she is emerging, she works hard to improve her economic situation. She takes advantage of the means and advice FXB gives her. She opened a food kiosk and started making fruit juices. She bought a refrigerator to store her products and started selling porridge. Very simple items but which defy all competition.

Ciza makes a profit of four dollars a day; this allows her to save regularly and to strengthen her project. The one people knew as a beggar a year ago has already turned her life around. She has just entered another social category: a businesswoman!

Ciza cannot find words to thank FXB. Her current dream is to buy a plot of land and build her own house because, she says, she has a big family.