FXB House in Washington DC

Since the creation of the FXB Foundation and FXB Association, Albina du Boisouvray, Founder and President, wished to focus on supporting orphans and vulnerable children left in the wake of the AIDS pandemic.

FXB opened the first FXB House in Washington DC in 1990, at a time when anti-retroviral therapy for HIV was not available and stigmatization of AIDS-affected children was high, even in the US. Washington DC had the highest rate of HIV/AIDS sero-prevalence of any US city, with substance abuse a rampant problem. The consequent toll on the health and wellbeing of families has left some children without proper parental supervision while suffering from HIV/AIDS and other serious illnesses.

Through the establishment of the FXB House, FXB was making statements on several issues:

  1. That children who were loved and cared in a family environment (with ‘TLC’ – tender loving care) would live longer and be better prepared to ward off infections. This enabled many of the children in the FXB House to become long-term survivors, accessing anti-retrovirals when they became available in later years. These children are now thriving healthy adults
  2. All children deserved the best possible quality of life, even those who did not have much to live for. What’s more, for those children whose lives were to be cut short, FXB wanted to give them the best possible quality of life, to compensate for the short quantity
  3. That dying children needed the best possible quality of palliative care at home

The FXB House in Washington DC is now operated by TERRIFIC Inc. (Temporary Emergency Residential Resource Institute for Families in Crisis), a long-standing local, community-based, non-profit organization.