Improving the economic and social status and access to basic services of isolated and marginalized communities

Program start 2008
Impacted population 16,136

Holistic rural development in selected villages of Darrang and Kamrup District in the province of Assam and in Ri Bhoi in the state of Meghalaya.


Holistic Rural Development Projects are carried out in remote villages with very few livelihood opportunity, infrastructural development, access to quality education and with a high rate of youth’s unemployment. Villagers’ health satus is worrisome with a high rate of malnutrition and water-borne diseases.



Our action

Improving the social and economic status of marginalized communities

In the regions of Darrang and Kamrup in the province of Assam and in Ri Bhoi in the state of Meghalaya, FXB India works to improve the economic and social status as well as the sustainable access to health, education, water, sanitation and hygiene of isolated and marginalized communities, with the following goals:

  • Developing micro-enterprises for families, mainly women, in the agricultural-food sector and in the production of items communities need the most, including the manufacture of brooms.
  • Improving access to basic education equipment and material in schools.
  • Improving the skills of slow learners and increase children’s schooling. 
  • Promoting access to digital resources for teenagers and young adults in order to identify and create potential new career paths for them.
  • Changing attitudes and behaviour in terms of gender equality, abuse and exploitation of children and women.
  • Increasing knowledge on family hygiene, maternal and child health and transmittable diseases.
  • Organizing monthly health camps (consultations) in The Villages.

Program impact

Through this programme FXB is transforming 10 villages completely with improvements in health, education, nutrition, WASH, livelihoods and village infrastructure improving the standard of living for above 16 000 people


Before FXB came to our village, we lived in the dark. Thanks to their help, our children are healthier and happier.