The François-Xavier Bagnoud Rescue House

Through his rescue work, François- Xavier lived out his two great passions: his love of flying and his love for his colleagues. He had imagined a rescue house at the Sion Airport that would bring together all the human and material resources required for emergency rescue operations.

Thanks to agreements reached with the local authorities, the FXB Rescue House was inaugurated in 1994 by Albina du Boisrouvray and Bruno Bagnoud in memory of their son. This new rescue organization enabled to reach an unmatched efficiency in mountain rescue operations, in road accidents and to help any person in great moral or physical distress. On Sept. 14, 2001, the new building of the FXB Rescue House was launched at the Sion Airport.

The purpose of the FXB Rescue House is simple: enable the rescue teams of Valais Central and Lower Valais to achieve better performance. The building is made available to the current rescue teams of Valais Cenral and Lower Valais for free* to enable them to achieve better performance in rescue operations. Today, the father of François-Xavier Bagnoud, Bruno Bagnoud, (i.e., founder and leader of the Air Glaciers company) rightfully occupies this mission.

While its principal vocation is mountain rescue, it is also active in the field of accident prevention and the training of tourist industry professionals.

The backbone of this institution is composed of rescue personnel who are qualified as mountain guides, canyon guides, safety chiefs on the ski slopes and so on – personnel who have also had medical training as ambulance drivers, not to mention the special talents each of them brings to the job. In addition, auxiliary guides are taken on to supplement the number of people on call during peak periods of the year.

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* Payment of the area of income, expenses and building maintenance costs, however, are the unique responsibility of the user.