The François-Xavier Bagnoud Home at Salvan

The François-Xavier Bagnoud Home is a therapy center focused on addiction and attendant disorders. The principal objective is to offer its residents the means to recover their health in the fullest sense of the word: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Perched above the village of Salvan in a natural setting, the home proposes step-by-step treatment of the causes of dependency, using methods designed to strengthen patients’ will to take charge of their lives and help them discover a fresh outlook.

The activities it offers were not chosen at random but have been carefully selected to promote the development of the individual. The location is in the beautiful countryside, and the practice of various sports–karate, archery, rock climbing, exploration and adventures– and artistic and cultural activities–wood sculpture, pottery, drawing, singing and stained glass–open patients up to the world and help the personality realize itself.

Then, with the future of the individual as focus, the third phase of the stay aims to create the possibility of an apprenticeship, further studies or acquisition of school-leaving qualifications.

A stay at the François-Xavier Bagnoud House involves a series of stages that each person experiences at his or her own rhythm.

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The FXB Foundation provided part of the necessary funds for the purchase and renovation of the building in 1991. This home is owned and managed by the Association des Amis de Rives du Rhône.