The François-Xavier Bagnoud Observatory at Saint-Luc

Perched at an altitude of more than 7,000 feet, the François-Xavier Bagnoud Observatory is located above the village of Saint-Luc in the Valais Alps, not far from the town of Sierre.

Built on a site renowned for the purity and tranquility of the environment, the observatory aims to provide everyone with access to astronomy. In addition to amateur astronomers hoping to work with quasi-professional equipment, it is available to tourists, walkers and school groups.

Equipped with a variety of instruments (e.g., a 60 centimeter telescope with aCCD camera, a 20 centimeter telescope, a coelostat, a 16 centimeter coronograph, etc.), it can be used in the daytime for study of the sun, in addition to observation of the night sky.

The main observatory building houses an auditorium with about 30 places offering full audio-visual facilities, and these are complemented by other amenities such as a small library, a computerized workstation with Internet access, a workshop, a photo laboratory, a kitchen and six-bed dormitory.

The François-Xavier Bagnoud Observatory is also the departure point for the Planetary Path, varying in altitude from 7,000 to 8,000 feet. It is opposite from the magnificent 13,000 feet of the Valais Alps, and it offers the discovery of the nine planets of the solar system over a span of almost four miles.

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Largely funded by the FXB Foundation in 1995, this enterprise is managed independently by the François-Xavier Bagnoud Observatory Foundation.