Fostering gender sensitization among adolescent boys

Program start 2020
Impacted population 3,000

FXB organizes training programs and sessions to raise awareness of gender equality among men and boys in Uttar Pradesh, India, to catalyse them as agents of change for shaping an equitable society.


Violence against women and girls continues to make the headlines. India remains a patriarchal society where gender-based violence is widespread. Uttar Pradesh, which is also the most densely populated province, ranks among the top three states in that regard.

Our action

FXB India runs gender equality programmes in Uttar Pradesh, which aim to promote behaviour change and deconstruct common gender-based preconceptions and stereotypes. 

The goal is to strengthen the knowledge and skills of teachers and school management committees in order to create more gender-balanced environments within schools. The next step is to change the attitudes of young boys by strengthening their psychosocial and interpersonal skills in order to empower them to become agents of change and have a positive impact not only in schools but also within their families and communities

FXB India also creates spaces for raising awareness and dialogue within communities to bring together everyone, men and women, and spearhead a change in local mentalities, mindsets, and behaviours and put an end to gender-based violence. In this regard, the project has been running a centre creating a space for children epecially boys to learn and mould themselves to be change agents in the society.

This program can be implemented thanks tot he support of DS Group.

Program impact

The project aims to reach around 3,000 boys, men, community people and teachers toward the end of the project.


Such an initiative of training boys is very new but is the need of the hour to build a gender equal society. I would like to be a part of this initiative.

Amar, a teacher from a Government school in Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh