Protecting "Women and Girls first"

Program start 2007
Impacted population ongoing

The Women and Girls First Programme focuses on gender equality and women’s empowerment, including access to sexual and reproductive health and rights services, and ending violence against women and girls.


In Myanmar, gender inequality and women’s exposure to violence, harassment, and abuse are critical risks. It is essential that women and girls have full access to education, training, and economic opportunities and that their leadership capacities are strengthened to enable them to participate in general decision-making.

Our action

Coordination and implementation : FXB International – Partner : UNFPA

FXB is a long-term partner in UNFPA’s “Women and Girls First” program which focuses on gender equality and women’s empowerment, including access to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights services (SRHR) and the elimination of violence against women and girls (GBV).



Program impact

Gender-based violence (GBV) is a critical and persistent problem in Myanmar, where entrenched and normalized gender
discrimination perpetuates a culture of impunity and a climate of permissiveness around violating women’s human rights.
GBV has further increased since the health and political crisis. Thus, FXB has considerably strengthened its intervention in the areas of GBV, SRHR, and CSE by adding prevention activities in each of its projects.

In 2022, FXB strengthened the capacities of 5 Civil Society Organizations in Southern Shan State on prevention methods related to the program and on a more institutional level, be it financial or procedural.

FXB also operated 3 Safe Houses for GBV survivors in Northern and Southern Shan State as well as 1 One Stop Women Service Center in Yangon Region. They offer a range of services designed to empower the women and their children, such as security, counseling, medical assistance, legal help, referral services, or technical and life skills trainings.

In Shan and Mon States, as well as in Yangon Region and along the Irrawaddy River, FXB conducts advocacy workshops with local leaders and sensitizes youth, their parents and community members on SRHR, GBV and Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE).


During the training I received, I met a woman who had been a victim of domestic violence. My dream since then has been to start my own business and hire women with a painful past.