Institutionalizing anti-trafficking, child sexual abuse and gender-based violence practices

Program start 2019
Impacted population NA

FXB India implements several programs of prevention and fight against human trafficking, child sexual abuse and gender-based violence practices.

While implementing programs, FXB India also believes in conducting qualitative researches to understand ground realities and then build upon them as well as advocate for new strategies of intervention in coordination with state machinaries for effective implementation at the grassroot level.


Human trafficking, child sexual abuse, forced child labour, and early marriages are among the most serious human rights violations in India.

Despite legislative reforms, women and children are extremely vulnerable to discrimination, sexual harassment, rape, domestic violence and honour killings.

Our action

In Jharkhand, FXB India is conducting a action research project, supported by the Oak Foundation to understand the underlying factors that increase the vulnerability of marginalised tribal children and young women (from remote unconnected areas) to be at risk at being exploited physically, mentally or socially. Based on this reflective enquiry, an ideal implementation model will be piloted that reduces vulnerability of children and young women from all form of exploitation providing them a safe and protected ecosystem to live a life of dignity.

Again, with the support of the Asia Foundation, FXB India Suraksha is conducting a national level research project for the “Trafficking of Persons Office” to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of screening and service provision to victims of TIP (trafficking in persons) and GBV (gender-based violences) in diverse contexts by identifying promising practices and challenges in integrating or separating services for such victims. It is being conducted across three countries – India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka to be able to compare the best practices emerging from stakeholders and service providers in these country contexts.

Program impact

Through the research projects aims to advocate for its major findings and ensure that the recommendations could be incorporated in the policy level.


Local institutions and governance should be strengthened and capacitated for better implementation of schemes as well as to ensure protection and safety in the source itself.

Naveen, one the respondents during the research