Curbing Gender-based Violence and empowering women and children living in informal settlements

Program start 2020
Impacted population 4 650

FXB and its partners in Namibia contribute to the promotion and protection of women’s and children’s rights, targeting specifically gender-based violences (GBV).


Like most countries, the trend in Namibia in responding to cases of violence against women and children is inadequate due to lack of trained workers, inappropriate response strategies, inadequate information on human rights by communities, amongst other causes.

The case for women and children is worse in informal settlements where service provision and general extension of Namibia’s women and child protection services are not available. Many enacted laws and initiatives are showing effectiveness but do not get to hard-to-reach areas like informal settlements.

Our action

The project targets direct gaps of knowledge and action in informal settlement communities where most of the enacted laws and response programs do not reach and are not undertaken.

Thanks to the project and related activities, at-risk population living in three informal settlements of Namibia will be strengthened and prevented from GBV in particular.

Besides, support is provided to survivors of GBV and men and boys benefit from interventions aiming at making them agents of change and master of anti-GBV approaches.

The project seeks to work with existing structures, most especially action and proposed activities contained in the National Plan of Action (NPA) on Gender Based Violence 2019-2023. More specifically, three of the four action areas of the NPA: Survivors first, Safety Net and Community Care, and Transforming Gender Norms for Long Term Prevention.

Union Europenne

This program is co-funded by the European Union. 





Program impact

The project contributes to human rights of at-risk women and children and ensures they are upheld and protected.

This is achieved by strengthening informal settlement women/children protection and violence prevention systems, promote safety and empower women and girls in human rights in particular GBV.



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This program presents a proactive approach to human rights awareness, Gender Based Violence (GBV) against children and women by scaling up current actions through a contextually tailored response system

Patricia Sola, HISA Namibia Director