François-Xavier's Dreams

Program start 1991
Impacted population 200

Making dreams come true for children with severe health problems.


In April 1991, FXB launched the operation “Les Rêves de François-Xavier” (François-Xavier’s Dreams) in Switzerland. Its objective is to make dreams come true for children living in Switzerland who are suffering from a serious illness or whose health has been severely affected by an accident. This operation aims essentially to bring them a moment of magic to help them fight the disease and to better tolerate often very heavy treatments.

Our action

Since its inception, FXB has received a large number of requests: swimming with dolphins, visiting a fire station, meeting a show-business star, adopting an animal, visiting a country or attending a World Cup game.

These wishes must be approved by a doctor and of course remain within the realm of the possible. Entirely funded by contributions from “Friends of FXB”, this program is also supported by a network of people who are committed to making these children’s dreams come true.

Message for children who want to make their dream come true

Just write to us by e-mail or mail telling us a little about yourself and telling us three of your dearest wishes:

  • By e-mail:
  • By post: Association François-Xavier Bagnoud – Bureau de Rêves, Route de l’Aéroport 25 – CP27 – 1951 Sion – Switzerland

Program impact

More than 200 children have seen their most cherished dream come true.


Thanks to FXB, I met Patrick Bruel, my lifelong favorite singer! Without the help of the association, I would never have been able to show him my affection. It's a memorable memory!