Effectively combating human trafficking

Program start 2018
Impacted population 3 000

In cooperation with local authorities, FXB India Suraksha is working to strengthen the capacity of law enforcement to combat human trafficking in India.


Law enforcement agencies play a central role in preventing and combating human trafficking. However, this criminal activity is continually evolving, incredibly complex and difficult to dismantle, as organizations constantly change the way they operate, thus making the work of the police all the more difficult.

Our action

Skills empowerment and raising awareness

In close collaboration with the State Police Department, Training Academies in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradeshy and Assam Rifles in Manipur, FXB India Suraksha is working to strengthen the skills of law enforcement officers including Police and paramilitary forces to detect effectively and protect potential victims of trafficking, capacitate investigation skills and help victims seek justice from the judicial system. Human Trafficking and child protection laws are the core of the training activities. It also aims to raise awareness regarding issues related to corruption, gender and abusive behaviour and practices against women and children, and to encourage them to put human rights and the care for victims at the core of their approach.

Legal knowledge

Recently launched in the summer of 2019, an integral part of the training project is to educate under-trainee constables with the indepth knowledge of issues and the country’s laws pertaining to human trafficking, child sexual abuse, constitutional Acts, such as Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act 2015, and the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act 2012. All the corresponding ‘Standing Operating Procedures’, guidelines and court orders issued are also included in the trainings to deepen the understanding on the twin malaise of human trafficking and violence on children. The first phase of the training programme was conducted in the Police Training Schools in Rewa, Indore and Umaria of the country’s second largest state, Madhya Pradesh. Above 1900 newly recruited trainee constables, including women constables, were trained in the three trainings conducted.

This program can be implemented thanks to the support of the British High Commission, Dehli.

Program impact

As a result, around 3,000 police officers and parramilitary officials gaurding Indo-Burma border in Manipur were trained and capacitated.

A mobile application will also be developed and made available to police forces so that they can access, at any time, information such as emerging trends in trafficking, rescue operations, reception facilities for victims, legal provisions and judgments of criminals.


The training topics are of utmost concern and there is a need for training the young cadre on interventions and interceptions in dealing cases of human trafficking especially in a place like Moreh which share border with Myanmar. FXB India Suraksha training materials on Human Trafficking and Child Protection are now included in the Training Curriculum of Assam Rifles, Manipur.

Col. Sumit Sood, Commandant, 43rd Battalion The Assam Rifles