Combating human trafficking and sexual abuse of children

Program start 2015
Impacted population 30,000

FXB India implements programs to combat human trafficking for the purpose of sexual and/or commercial exploitation as well as sexual abuse of children.


Human trafficking, child sexual abuse, forced child labour, and early marriages are among the most serious human rights violations in India.

Despite legislative reforms, women and children are extremely vulnerable to discrimination, sexual harassment, exploitation, rape, domestic violence and honour killings.

Our action

Project Mukti (meaning « freedom » in Hindi), is a multi-partner project supported by ECPAT Luxembourg which aims to combat human trafficking for sexual and commercial exploitation and child sexual abuse in three source States of trafficking – Assam, Manipur, and West Bengal, one source-cum-transit state – Delhi, and one destination State – Goa.

The aim is to raise awareness among community people including children, adolescents, village headmen, religious leaders, parents, teachers, taxi unions, journalists and women groups. At the same time, the project aims at building strong institutions by building capacities of service providers, Government officials, law enforcement agencies, judiciary and adolescents in order to create a more preventive and protective environment in the state.

The project also seek to conduct rescue operations as well as provide rehabilitative, reintegration and repatriation suppot to victims/survivors of trafficking and child sexual abuse.

In February 2020, FXB India Suraksha has started implementing Project Mukti-II in Manipur, West Bngal and Delhi with a more wider approach of implementing in collaboration with the State Government Departments, strengthening them and assisting them further to creat a more protective and functional institutions at the district and village level in the states.


Program impact

Project Mukti completed its first phase in 2019 creating a huge impact with its stakeholders. It has been recognized through various platforms by the Government of Manipur. The project has also been awarded two times in its implementation years as „ Most Promising Project“ and „Best Project in North East India“ for ahieving Goal 16 of the Sustainable Goals.

Through Project Mukti-I 51,418 children, adolescen, survivors/victims, community people, village headmen, religious leaders, taxi union, law enforcement agencies, government officials and NGOs were made aware, trained and supported.

Project Mukti-II aims to impact more than 120,000 persons through a state-level intervention approach working with the local Government and Institutions in manipur and West Bengal.


I feel pride in being part of MUKTI and if I found any passenger suspicious inform FXB, Suraksha and even if police provide information about a vehicle, we help them to track the vehicle.

Taxi Driver, Manipur