Panossière, Verbier

From the starting point at Fionnay in the Val de Bagnes, three good hours of walking are needed to reach the eagle’s nest overlooking the Corbassière glacier in the Combins range at an altitude of more than 8,500 feet.

Designed by architects Michel Perraudin and Philippe Vaudan, the François-Xavier Bagnoud Mountain Refuge at Panossière, with its seven zinc-titanium panels in the color of the rock, evokes the facets of a huge quartz crystal. This remarkable architectural achievement blends the charm of a traditional mountain shelter with a truly contemporary vision. The structure incorporates a number of technical innovations such as solar panels, full sanitary facilities and comfortable dormitories with space for about 100 beds.

Close to the FXB Refuge, the Meditation Path pays homage to all those who have lost their lives in this region of the Alps. It ends at a promontory dominated by a statue of Christ created by the sculptor Louis Bruchez.

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The François-Xavier Bagnoud Mountain Refuge at Panossière was offered to the community of Bagnes.