Transforming government schools into model establishments

Program start 2015
Impacted population 1378

FXB India works in the Pondichery territory to rehabilitate school buildings and open the right to education to marginalized children.


Most young Indians do not receive enough education to be able to look towards the future with hope and optimism and many, especially in rural areas, are forced to drop out of school after primary school for various reasons related to poverty. The situation of girls is even more dismal, as it is estimated that they receive, on average, less than four years of schooling throughout their lives.

Our action

Rehabilitating school infrastructure

This project is being implemented in Sanyasikuppam, Kothapurnatham, Madagadipattu GPS, Tirubhuvanai GHS, Thiruvandarkoil GHSS schools covering 1378 children.

The objective of this project is to improve the basic amenities in local 5 Government schools and provide learning friendly environment in schools.

This project targets to conduct software activities such as mental health and physical health support for children and introducing advanced learning methods in Government run schools to enable children to grow to their fullest potential.

In addition this project also engaged in desilting of local water channel benefiting thousands of farmer and villagers for irrigation and to recharge ground water .

This program can be implemented thanks to the support of Whirlpool CSR.

Program impact

The project has refurbished basic aminities in 3 schools and 2 in a row.

In all the 5 schools FXB India Suraksha is imparting soft skills among the students through additional sessions on life skill training, yoga, promoting sports & cultural activities and moral education sessions.


Since I went to school, my parents have been proud of me. They tell their families about it: everyone is happy for me.