Program start 1993
Impacted population ONGOING

Myanmar’s HIV epidemic is concentrated among certain key populations.


Myanmar’s HIV epidemic is concentrated among certain key populations, most notably people who inject drugs, but also
men who have sex with men, transgender people, and sex workers.

More than 70% of new infections in the country occur among these groups. HIV-related indicators for key populations
in Myanmar are all very high in international comparison.

Our action

Coordination and implementation : FXB International 
Financial partners : MAC aids Fund, Alliance Myanmar

Since 1993, FXB has undertaken many HIV-related activities, such as Sunday Empowerment Groups and large awareness campaigns in bus stations around the country. It has also been an implementing partner of the 3D Fund (Global Fund) strategy in Myanmar, in Yangon Region, Mon and Shan States, Irrawaddy Region and the Dry Zone.

In order to reduce new HIV infections, a combination of interventions is offered to female sex workers and other key populations by improving HIV testing services access, linkage to antiretroviral therapy with efficient service delivery, and continuum care.

It is also about providing psychosocial support to PLHIV to help them build resilience for a positive living despite all the constraints of the disease. Health outcome for people living with HIV is improved by maximizing referral linkage to National AIDS Programme.

Program impact

The combination of activities undertaken over the past 30 years has resulted in tens of thousands of people at risk of HIV being reached.

In 2022, FXB’s HIV-related interventions were implemented in Mon State and in the Yangon Region and reached over 65,000 people. 


Lin Lin is a 21-year-old singer. During an awareness session, she wanted to take an HIV test and was devastated by her unfortunately positive result. She is receiving early antiretroviral treatment and has joined an FXB Sunday Empowerment Group where she receives psychological support. "I am less afraid of this disease every day and I can also make some plans for my future".

Lin Lin