Care and support for families infected with HIV/AIDS

Program start 2007
Impacted population 5,000

FXB provides medical care, as well as psychological and social support, to over 100 families in India directly affected and infected with HIV/AIDS.


More than 2 million people are living with HIV, the third largest HIV epidemic in the world. Many states also have poor access to adequate health care.

Our action

FXB India Suraksha branch in Andhra Pradesh State, Visakhapatnam is implementing comprehensive care and support project currently benefiting 82 HIV/AIDS affected families.

Comprehensive support

Under this project, organization is providing medical support, counseling and supplementary nutrition services to all the 82 families every month.

55 children are receiving education support in the form of school fees and supplies under this project.

Group of affected women are running Mutually Aided Co-operative Society (MACS) under this project with 90 women offering financial services to help them establish small businesses and make additional earnings.

FXB has been undertaking viral load testing for needy individuals in collaboration with infectious disease laboratory of YRG CARE at Chennai which is a referral lab for WHO and NIH. 

This program can be implemented thanks to the support of AIDS ARK.

Program impact

Till date this project has covered over 1,000 families affected by HIV/AIDS.


We talk about family planning, malaria and other diseases, and the importance of hygiene and vaccinations. FXB educates us about malnutrition and health.