Implement skills development approaches

Program start 2019
Impacted population 360

In Rakhine State, FXB Myanmar partners with ILO to improve the professional competencies and self-employment capacities of vulnerable women and youth.


Although Rakhine State is endowed with natural resources including oil and gas deposits, vast agricultural lands and deep-sea ports, it is one of the least developed state in Myanmar. The vocational training sector is poorly developed in the country and unable to supply the workforce required by the economy, both in quantity and in quality. As a result, the majority of people entering the workforce remains unskilled or inadequately skilled, affecting both the industry in terms of productivity and competitiveness, and society in terms of underemployment and poverty.

Our action

The project is implemented in two townships of the State, Thandwe and Gwa.

It is based on an operational three-pronged approach through:

  • Vocational and Livelihood Skill Training through mobile units in Hospitality and Souvenir Crafts,
  • Employability Support to find jobs in industry and promote self-employment in Social Enterprises, and
  • Sustainability Support by strengthening Village Development Committees.

The initial project phase is targeting 360 women and young people, coming from various communities and ethnic backgrounds.

During COVID-19 pandemic, FXB staff collaborated with ILO in order to distribute prevention kits to targeted communities.

Program impact

The project is currently ongoing, and the expected impacts are improvement of professional competencies of beneficiaries, decrease of unemployment rates in targeted population and increased capacities of village development committees in providing essential services.


We worked for three years to train young people in the hotel business in Thandwe. This partnership with the ILO allows us to extend our expertise to more isolated townships, giving participants access to new opportunities.

Christine Eggs, FXB International General Director