FXB in action

Since the end of 2017, FXB and the NGO Morija have been working together in the commune of Nobéré to develop a project to promote the health of young children and women in precarious situations. This project offers an integrated package of Young Child Diet and Nutrition (YCDN) services to pregnant women or mothers of young children aged 0-23 in 28 villages of Nobéré commune during 1 year.

In order to improve access to micronutrient sources within the population, a unit of infant flour production is set up and women are trained in the preparation of these infant flours. An important work of sensitization to the good nutritional practices is carried out. At the same time, children suffering from malnutrition will be rehabilitated at the CRNE (Center for Recovery and Nutritional Education) Morija de Nobéré in accordance with the instructions of the WHO.


In Burkina Faso, respectively 27.3% and 7.6% (National Nutritional Survey, 2016) of children under 5 years of age are suffering from chronic and acute malnutrition due mainly to inadequate nutrition and diseases. In response to this, a national strategy has been deployed to improve Young Child Diet and Nutrition (YCDN) practices.