Gaza – Philosophy and culture of Non-Violence as a way of life

In 2017, Albina, Founder & President Emerita of FXB International, got the idea to develop a pilot program in Gaza in order to spread the concept, culture, and principles of non-violence within the Palestinian society, specifically targeting the youth in Gaza.

She found in Omar Shaban, Palthink’s Director, a reliable partner who could develop and set up with FXB the Forum of Non-Violence. At the end of 2017, FXB and Palthink launched the project.

The results are very encouraging : 10.000 people reached, various local organisations trained, and many young local peace-ambassadors born.

Now, FXB and Palthink fully intend to extend the project to the West Bank of Jordan.

The aim for the next few years is to deploy this program in other countries in the region.

Find out more about the Forum of Non-Violence in Palestine by clicking here.