A Proven Global Poverty Solution Goes Public

FXB and Harvard University release the FXBVillage Toolkit and Planning Guide to extreme poverty eradication; Leaders n in economics and global development, including Nobel laureate Dr. Amartya Sen, celebrate launch CAMBRIDGE, Mass., May 5, 2015 – FXB, an international organization with a 26-year history of disrupting the cycle of extreme poverty and uplifting children in […]

China – An eighth FXBVillage program opens in the Bu Tuo County

  The recent economic boom experienced in China has double-edged effects. As big cities are growing exponentially, communities still suffer from poverty. The Bu Tuo mountainous county, located in Liangshan (the Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan province) is a blatant example of such development. Bu Tuo has high rates of HIV/AIDS, drug and alcohol use. […]

Myanmar: ELLE changed her destiny

SweSweOo’s life was changed for good when she met the team from FXB International. Present in Myanmar since 1992, FXB works on education, professional training and income-generating activity (IGA) programs, helping to develop the local economy. True to its comprehensive approach, the association promotes women’s empowerment and gender equality. It has also organized major awareness-raising […]

International Women’s Day – Investing in Women for Global Peace and Security

By Albina du Boisrouvray, FXB founder and president emerita Huffington Post “On International Women’s Day, March 8, we celebrated around the world. The conversation turned to all that has been done and all that remains to be done to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment. This is a conversation we can and should have — […]

TESTIMONY – Abiba shares her story on FXBVillage Kamenge, Burundi

Burundi is the fifth poorest country in the world. Almost 70 percent of the population lives below the poverty line. In 2006, the first FXB programs were launched in the country allowing 4500 individuals including children to bring themselves out of poverty. 15000 people participated in FXB programs in their communities through various prevention and […]

South Africa – The first FXB Vocational Training program apprentices succeed

90 youth enrolled in three years (November 2013 – November 2016) 70 percent were females and 60 percent were orphans. 90 percent preferred to receive training in the office sector. 900 000 unfilled positions for skilled workers in South Africa. In 2013, FXB changed direction in South Africa by launching a Vocational Training (VT) program to […]

Give Her Wings, and She Will Fly

FXB India Suraksha celebrates the power of women on International Women’s Day Last year, we shared ‘stories of hope’ in Sunitha from a village in Andhra Pradesh to Anjalai and Parameswari in Tamil Nadu to Sandhyarani in Manipur. Today their lives are stories of change, independently earning their livelihoods and meeting their needs. This year […]